Hey guys, in this article you'll read about my experiences with concerts. Enjoy!

K3 (July 10 2004)

When I went to this concert I was two years old so I really don't remember it anymore. However, I thought it was fun to start with this one because I've been a big fan of the Belgian/Dutch girl group.

rating: 8/10

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Bruce Springsteen (June 22 2013 and June 14 2016)

I really enjoy listening to Bruce's music, especially live. His concerts contain a lot of energy that you can feel no matter how far away you are. Also his concerts last a long time, about four hours.

rating: 7/10

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One Direction (June 24 2014 and June 13 2015)

The first time I saw One Direction Zayn was still in the band, the second time he wasn't anymore. Both of their concerts were really fun, but the second time I felt a little more special, silly I know. I felt special because they played No control and 18 live for the first time, and wow when No control started playing I never heard so many girls sing so hard at the same time.

rating: 9/10

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Jack and Jack (October 30 2015 and April 22 2016)

In Europe they aren't as popular as in the US, that is why they played pretty small venues. I loved the vibe of their concert, I don't know how to describe it but it felt good. It was sad to notice tough that a lot of girls were only there because of Jack G,

rating: 7/10

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5 Seconds Of Summer (May 21 2016)

I was a really big fan and I waited a long time when I saw them. It was the first time for me that I didn't have floor tickets for a concert. I thought I wouldn't be able to see them because I was far away but in the end I was wrong. I could feel the energy all the way from the back.

-rating: 9/10_

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Pukkelpop (August 19 2016)

Pukkelpop is a big musicfestival in Belgium. I originally bought tickets to see Halsey perform there, sadly she cancelled like a week before the festival. In the end I still went and I am happy I did. I stood second row for Lukas Graham which I'll never forget, and saw many more artist.

rating: 8.5/10

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538XXL (September 17 2016)

538XXL is some sort of pary for a radiostation in The Netherlands. Several Artist from all around the world perform there every year. The time I went Shawn Mendes was performing there. Almost everyone at the venue was there to see him. I danced a lot that night and Shawn's performance was really good. After Shawn's performance the hosts told us that the temperature rose 5°C during Shawn's show.

rating: 7.5/10

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MTV EMA (November 6 2016)

It was a big suprise when I got the chance to buy these tickets. And I am glad I took the oppurtunity because it was a great show, I saw a lot of different artist which was great.


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Ed Sheeran (April 3 2017)

I got a chance to go to this concert thanks to a friend (aye thank you!!!). We got this tickets pretty last minute but Ed his show was great. However, to really feel the vibe I would advice to get floor tickets if you can.

rating: 7.5/10

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All Time Low (April 4 2017 and 13 October 2017)

I enjoyed seeing them both times! Their energy is great, so are their vocals. Their stories in between are hilarious and I love their interaction with the crowd.

rating: 9/10

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Shawn Mendes (May 1 2017)

This was the first time I had floor tickets with seats on the floor. I was thrilled to see Shawn again. The songs he played were amazing and when he was standing on the small stage in the middle he was pretty close to me.

rating: 8.5/10

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Pinkpop (June 3 2017)

Pinkpop is a big Dutch musicfestival. The act that surprised me the most was Chef's Special, before I saw them live they always annoyed me. However, they completely changed my opinion and now I enjoy listening to their music. Later Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix took the stage and I stood third row (!!!). I don't concider myself a big fan of both, I just enjoy their music, but wow their shows were amazing.

rating: 8/10

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Lorde (October 6 2017)

I was so excited to see Lorde live. The show was even better than I expected it to be. The music was great just like her outfits and set up. If you've never seen Lorde live I'd advice you to look her up and see the energy she has on stage.


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This was it for now! Next year I will udate you about Ed Sheeran (I am seeing him twice next year) and maybe other concerts. I hope you enjoyed this long article.

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(The pictures of: Bruce Springsteen, Jack and Jack, Pukkelpop, All Time Low, Pinkpop and Lorde are mine!)