-For The Better-

I can't imagine my life without art. It has changed me so much. I don't know what I would do without it, it is literally my lifeline. Art has shaped who I am today. It has made me more detail-oriented and able to enjoy more of the small things. Remind me to write a love letter to it someday.

Once again, I couldn't imagine my life without this. Before I was ever in a show, I was so shy and couldn't order food myself. Luckily, I had the nerve to try out for a play at a local theatre. Even though I didn't get an amazing part, I'm still so grateful for it. Now I have been in 4 shows and things for my theatre life couldn't be better. I can now order food, and I don't have stage fright what-so-ever.

-For The Worst-

You have made me doubt myself over and over again. You have made me feel like I was worthless and selfish for doing what I love. You are the definition of Douche-canoe. You have done countless things for which I could never forgive you for. When I was little, I loved you because I was blind to see you for what you were. Now I know better and I will never forgive you for everything you have done to hurt my mother and I. I hate you and will always, even if I forgive you.

But one thing is for sure, change is always for the better. It just depends on how you perceive it to decide whether you like it or not.