I am a lover of good Portuguese cuisine, although I also appreciate other cuisine. When I get tired of eating meat I love to prepare this healthy dish. It is prepared and cooked in under an hour. I know that Hake is not an attractive fish, at first sight it resembles a silvery trout, meaning without the rainbow or pebble dash effect. At a closer inspection it reveals bulging eyes, a vicious jaw and ragged fins. But on the up side, hake is an excellent substitute for cod ( much easier to buy and readily available in supermarkets worldwide), Besides how are you going to get your required Omega dosage in if you don’t eat fish. To not have to remove scale an clean it I buy the hake clean and ready to use. Your local fishery should be able to do this.

Well let’s get to the recipe, so easy and simple. From pre to end of cooking in under 1hr. Perfect for a busy day and so delicious.


Serves 4.
4 Hake Fillet

4 Medium size potatoes

4 Small carrots

Chinese Cabbage

1tbs Olive oil (extra virgin)

2 Gloves garlic



4 Eggs


Peel and wash potato, carrot and wash Chinese cabbage. Halve the potato and carrot. In a pot place potatoes, carrots, garlic and olive oil. Cover with water, add the salt and bring to the boil, reduce heat. Cook eggs in the meantime. Once potato and carrots are semi cooked add the cabbage and hake fillet. As these two ingredients cook fast. Add water if needed and check the salt. Once all is cooked strain water and arrange all onto a serving dish. Peel eggs and add on top of all then pour a string of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on top.

And Voila! A healthy meal in under 1hr.

Enjoy and Bon Apetit!