I found myself thinking today about what I consider happiness, What are the things that make me smile even when I don't want too, This is what I came up with.

book, jane austen, and pride and prejudice image
Re-reading my favorite book
quotes image
Hearing My Nieces Laugh
Image by raluca
Weeping willow trees
stranger things, netflix, and season 2 image
Finding a new tv show to watch
family, forever, and quotes image
My Family
beach, Greece, and Island image
Going to the beach
bed, pillows, and red image
book image
Reading a good book
dog, nap, and snooze image
My Dog (Not mine in the pic but looks a lot like him)
aesthetic, beautiful, and colors image beach, Dream, and summer image
autumn, gif, and rain image
The way everything seems to stand still for just a moment after a thunderstorm
beautiful, bed, and calm image
Lazy mornings in bed
bed, white, and bedroom image
Freshly washed sheets
candle, yankee candle, and vanilla image
The Scent of Vanilla
fireplace, fire, and book image
The smell of a crackling log fire
music, give me love, and ed sheeran image
Listening to music and getting lost in it
light, city, and photography image
Christmas Lights
gif, dan and phil, and dnp image
These two loveable dorks
Finding new things I'm passionate about (video edits) (Not mine ^)

Well, that's it for now.

Xoxo Gossip Girl.....jk...Erin.