I have a cat, his name is Zeus. He is the best thing that ever happened to me, I don´t remember life before Zeus so I thought I could tell you why cats are amazing! So let´s get started:

1. They are independent, just give them water, food and a litter box.

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2. They purr when you pet them, they purr more when they are little because they dont know how to control it, when they get older they purr when people they love or feel safe with pet them or just because they are feeling good at a certain moment.

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3. They are hilarious, just watch YouTube videos about cats and you will see why if you haven´t yet!

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4. They are free souls, if they need love they will come to you for you to pet them or play with them but if they dont want love or to play they will just walk away.

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5. They will lick your face if they love you, if that had ever happened to you feel lucky because they will only do it with people they really love.

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6. They are natural hunters, everytime they see something moving they will go for it, for example: hands, fingers, flies...

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I dont´t know, but they look really adorable!

7. They eat grass, they eat it because it helps their digestive tract to be alright and it also gives them nutrients.

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8. They sleep on his owners feet, this shows his love for you and also they feel secure sleeping near the feet because that way you do not roll over them at night.

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9. They roll in front of you because they want your attention, you to play with them and you to pet them.

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10. They sleep up to 16 hours a day, yup, they sleep a lot but they look so adorable!!!

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11. They meow when they see their favorite food, for example, every time I go to the kitchen Zeus comes with me and meows for me to give him his favorite snack, and when I take it out he meows even more.

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12. They spend a lot of time grooming, before they go to sleep, when they wake up, after eating...

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There are many more reasons why cats are adorable and amazing but here there are a few I like!

I hope you loved my article as much as I love cats (to the infinity and beyond)! -Alison G.

PS: Here there is a photo of Zeus!

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