In this article you will find the best male anime idol groups anime/ otome games / games (at least for me). I hope you enjoy it
I will continue to publish more groups, so if your favorite idol group is not here please tell me.
As usually do not take the order too seriously, because I think they are all handsome and have their own charisma, the order has nothing to do.

B-Project / B-Project

anime, moons, and kitakore image

Song - Muteki Dangerous

B-Project / MooNs

moons, b project, and kodou ambitious image

MooNs is an idol group from B-Project series. The group consists of Momotaro Onzai, Kazuna Masunaga, Hikaru Osari, Tatsuhiro Nome and Mikado Sekimura.
Song - Summer Mermaid

B-Project / KiLLER KiNG

b project image

KiLLER KiNG is the newest member of the B Project family, which includes Kitakore, Thrive and Moons, and is affiliated with the same office as Thrive. Two of the four cast members of KiLLER KiNG are twin brothers. The group consists of Yuzuki Teramitsu, Haruhi Teramitsu, Miroku Shingari and Akane Fudo.
Song - Break it down

B-Project / THRIVE

b project image

THRIVE is an idol group from B-Project series. The group consists of the 3 male members Goushi Kaneshiro, Yuuta Ashuu and Kento Aizome.
Song - Tick-Tack

B-Project / Kitakore

b-project, anime, and kitakore image

Kitakore is an idol group from the B-Project series. The group consists of the 2 male members Tomohisa Kitakado and Ryuji Korekuni. There is no official leader of the group.
Song - Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence

Tokimeki Restaurant / 3 Majesty

otome, otome games, and tokimeki restaurant image

3 Majesty is an unit composed by Tsukasa Kirishima, Shinnosuke Otowa and Kaito Tsuji.
Song - Show Up!

Tokimeki Restaurant / X.I.P.

anime, anime boy, and tokimeki restaurant image

X.I.P. is composed by Kyoya Date, Kento Fuwa and Toru Kanzaki.


anime, black berry, and anime boy image

BLACK BERRY is a unit which contains Shinkai Akito, Ikaruga Toworu, Chouno Uran and Kakura Shiita.
Song - 優シイ果実


anime, anime boy, and syrup image

SYRUP is composed by Sanjou Mashiro and Hourai Yashiro.


XYZ, anime boy, and forbidden stars image

XYZ is an unit composed by Shitara Sooma, Tachikawa Kiruna and
Tachikawa Raira.
Song - Smile☆Glitters and Mindnight Emotion


anime, anime boy, and forbidden stars image

Epicurean is a group which contains with Inui Kera, Kido Romeo,
Mitsurugi Sae and Isshiki Nozomi.
Song - Check it Love!

Idolish7 / ZOOL

anime, anime boy, and zool image

ZOOL is a group that threatens the idol world in Part 3 of the main story! That is a four person group, which consists of; Haruka Isumi, Touma Inumaru, Minami Natsume, and Torao Mido.
Song - Poisonous Gangster

Idolish7 / Re:vale

idolish7 and re:vale image

Re:vale is an idol group introduced in part 2 of the main story, which consists of the characters Momo and Yuki.

Idolish7 / TRIGGER

idolish7 trigger image

TRIGGER is the rival group to IDOLiSH7. The group is comprised of Gaku Yaotome, Tenn Kujo, and Ryunosuke Tsunashi . They are handled by the Yaotome Production Company.

Idolish7 / Idolish7

idolish7 image

IDOLiSH7 is a 7-person group consisting of Iori Izumi, Yamato Nikaido as the leader, Mitsuki Izumi, Tamaki Yotsuba, Sogo Osaka, Nagi Rokuya, and Riku Nanase as the center. They are the main focus of the game and are handled by the Takanashi Production Company.

Ensemble Stars / Knights

knights, suou tsukasa, and enstars image

A unit made up of graceful and charming knight-type members! Each member possesses a high level of technique, captivating the audience by showing them exactly what they want to see.
Song - Article of Faith

Ensemble Stars / Adam

adam, anime, and anime boy image

Unit composed by Nagisa Ran and Ibara Saegusa.
Song - ~

Ensemble Stars / Eve

anime, eve, and anime boy image

One of the two former stars of "fine" and a new beast that crawled up begin their performance.
Song - あんさんぶるスターズ!| 君色スマイル

Ensemble Stars / MaM

anime, mam, and anime boy image

Wherever there's a festival, he's there! Nationwide, he's rushing to give you a lively and exciting live!
Song - Ren'ai Saiban

Ensemble Stars / Switch

sora, switch, and aoba image

An entertainment unit that casts the magic of happiness! On stage these three's personalities shine, charming everyone with their fantastical production and performance!
Song - Knockin' Fantasy

Ensemble Stars / Valkyrie

valkyrie, ensemble stars, and enstars image

The prestigious and passionate unit finally makes an appearance!
Song - 魅惑劇

Ensemble Stars / AKATSUKI

akatsuki, enstars, and ensemble stars image

A Japanese-style unit which highly values the traditional arts. No. 2 of the academy with their supreme techniques, they overwhelm the audience with their true talents.
Song - 想ひ出綴

Ensemble Stars / 2wink

anime, anime boy, and ensemble stars image

A technopop twin unit! They are powerful, even with only two members! Their selling points are their perfectly coordinated dancing and their infectious smiles!
Song - !歓迎☆トゥ・ウィンク雑技団

Ensemble Stars / Ra✽bits

anime, anime boy, and ensemble stars image

A newbie unit whose biggest charm is their fluffy cuteness! Consisting of three first years and one third year, they may seem wobbly at times, but they're doing their best with their idol activities!
Song - Love Ra*bits Party!!

Ensemble Stars / RYUSEITAI

ensemble stars, ryuseitai, and enstars image

A superhero unit who won't let any evils go unpunished! The curious members apparently have come together under the banner of justice...?!
Song - 天下無敵☆メテレンジャー!

Ensemble Stars / UNDEAD

ensemble stars, undead, and anime boys image

Lauded as the most rebellious and wicked idol unit of Yumenosaki Academy! The members of the unit--self-proclaimed devils of the night--are dark and wild.
Song - Darkness 4

Ensemble Stars / Trickstar

trickstar, makoto yuki, and ensemble stars image

The academy's nova--a new star that aims to become the brightest shining star! With an incredible bond between the members,
Trickstar is a group of the most promising stars that will be sure to stir up the whole academy with their ceaseless energy!
Song - Rebellion Star

Ensemble Stars / fine

fine and ensemble stars image

The most formidable and so far undefeatable unit of Yumenosaki Academy! Led by the student council president, who possesses a transcendental charisma. The talents of the individual members are top-class!

Show by Rock / Shingancrimsonz

crow, d, and aion image

A visual kei rock band. They’re signed under the same label as Plasmagica, Banded Rocking Records, after Maple tells them they could “topple the music world” if they signed with him.
Within the band, there's a decided amount of over-dramatic, fantastical speech similar to that of other visual kei band's lyrics. Leading man Crow refers to his fans as “cattle”.
Song - Falling Rose

Uta no Prince-sama / ST☆RISH

anime, starish, and anime boy image

STARISH is an idol group from the Shining Entertainment group. The group originally consisted of the first six male protagonists in the series, and the line-up was officially finalized with the addition of Aijima Cecil, making ST☆RISH a 7-person boyband. There is no official leader of the group, though Ittoki Otoya seems to take the center position most often.
Song - Maji Love 2000%

Uta no Prince-sama / HE★VENS

anime and uta no prince-sama image

HE★VENS is former three-person boyband group from the Raging Entertainment, the most prominent entertainment agency in Japan. They were nominated to compete against ST☆RISH for the Uta☆Pri Award . On the final episode of the third season, 4 more members were introduced, becoming a seven-person group.

Uta no Prince-sama / QUARTET NIGHT

anime image

QUARTET NIGHT is an idol group from the Shining Entertainment group. The group consists of four members, although it is unknown if they are actively performing or not, since they are currently mentoring the members of ST☆RISH for their Master Course. There is no official leader among the four.
Song - God's Stars

Marginal #4 / Marginal #4

4, anime boy, and anime image

That's the dream of the manager of the agency. These four individualistic new idols were grouped for this purpose. Named "MARGINAL #4", they aim to debut as in idol group.
Song - Chu Chu LUV❤SCANDAL

4, anime boy, and anime image
Marginal #4 / Unicorn Jr.

This rookie trio consisting of Shouta Aoi, Chiharu Sawashiro and Toshiyuki Sumeya bring us a new look into the Iwasaki/Mikoto music collaboration as well as showing us brand new faces and voices to add to Rejet‘s roster.
Unicorn Jr. have a sound more fit for the dancefloor, where guitars have almost no place in and the synths reign undisputed.
Song - REAL?

Marginal #4 / Lagrange Point

4, anime boy, and anime image

Then there's MARGINAL #4's seniors, "LAGRANGE POINT". Though stoic with goals to reach the top, Mikishima Shy is a little proud. On one hand, Himuro Kira is cheerful and good at taking care of others, but on the other, he has a crude side to him.
Song - Gaidorain

Bakumatsu Rock / 幕末Rock

anime, music, and rock image

The story is set in the Bakumatsu era, at the end of the shoguns' rule over Japan in the middle of the 19th century. The Tokugawa shogunate uses the brainwashing Heaven's Songs by the top idols in Shinsengumi to subjugate the country and its people. In this Japan, writing or singing any songs besides the Heaven's Songs is a capital offense. Sakamoto Ryouma and the other rockers rise up and change the world with rock 'n' roll for freedom and justice.
Song - ×××ing


anime, ars, and anime boy image

All the members are artists!
An individualistic group consisting of artists specializing in various fields! Their special trait consists in the longing song lyrics. “Ars” is the latin word for “Art”.
Song - Give Me A Break!

I-CHU / Alchemist

alchemist, anime boy, and anime image

Heel legion filled with black flames!
Underground Idols performing intense rock music. They are a bit different from the other I-Chu’s and look down on them… It seems they have some kind of connection with the producer
Song - Dennou Matrix


anime, anime boy, and i-chu image

They’re Chuunibyou’s, but they’re Idols!
A group consisting of Bloody Master and his two servants. Their songs have a dark melody and the songs lyrics have bewitching and magical subjects.
Song - Swinging Halloween


anime, i, and b image

Band Idols coming from different countries!
An international band consisting of boys from different countries who have gathered together! The five members used to exchange messages on social networks. They will charm you with their refreshing songs!
Song - Shinkai Mermaid


anime, anime boy, and i-chu image

Burning Phoenix!
Passionate Noble Idols!
An idol group spreading its wings like the Phoenix! A noble route with bright and cheerful songs! The group consists of three members of varying character and age!
Song - Icchaisou dayo

I-CHU / Lancelot

anime, lancelot, and i-chu image

A unit consisting of 3 rather bad adults!
Their Jazz and Rock songs are overflowing with an adult charm that will enchant you! The piano and trumpet used in the songs are played by them!
Song - Easy Days

I-CHU / Tenjyou Tenge

anime, anime boy, and i-chu image

Majestic Traditional Japanese Idols!
A unit of 4 members whose special trait is the traditional japanese instruments used in their songs! To match the songs they have traditional japanese costumes too and they use fans and the like on their choreographies.
Song - 花.蝶/風\月

Tsukipro / Growth

anime, growth, and anime boy image

Growth is a four-man unit led by Koki Eto, their songs have a light pop/folk sound and they've been known to perform Western style ballads.
Song - Lucretia

Tsukipro / SOARA

anime, anime boy, and tsukipro image

SOARA is a five-man unit led by Sora Ohara, the members of this unit all went to high school together. They have a light pop/rock sound with Sora and Morihito providing vocals and guitar, Soshi on drums, Ren on the keyboard, and Nozomu on bass.
Song - Ai no Hana

Tsukipro / SolidS

anime, solids, and anime boy image

SolidS is a four-man unit led by Shiki, their songs have a distinct rock/electrorock sound and are known for focusing on mature themes and posing provocatively on album covers and promo images.
Song -Shall We Dance?

Tsukipro / QUELL

anime, anime boy, and tsukipro image

QUELL is a four-man unit led by Shu, a former member of SolidS, who also doubles as their producer. They are a newer unit formed in the summer of 2016, they mostly sing rock ballads.
Song - Because you are

Tsukiuta / Procellarum

Image by Nct 2018

Procellarum members come from western Japan, and they meet through various connections in Tokyo. They were scouted by TSUKINO Productions, they work with their producer and have debuted as Six Gravity’s sibling rival unit. Paired with Gravity, every member of Procellarum also has different charm point!
Song - LOLV -Lots of Love-

Tsukiuta / Six Gravity

anime, anime boy, and tsukiuta image

In a certain place of present-day Japan’s Tokyo Metropolitan area 23 ward, live these characters. The unique member who have different ages, and personality were scouted by TSUKINO Ent. and work with their producer, after being led by the gigantic black rabbit, Kuroda. They’ve debuted as the idol unit “Six Gravity” and are currently doing well in sales!

Dream Festival / Traffic Signal

anime, traffic signal, and anime boy image

Traffic Signal is a trio unit consisting of Kanade Amamiya, Shin Oikawa, and Junya Sasaki. They were formed together at whim from the President of the Agency.After merging into DearDream, they still do activities together as a subunit.
Song - Glory Story

Dream Festival / Dear Dream

anime, anime boy, and dear dream image

The unit DearDream is composed by Kanade Amamiya, Shin Oikawa, Junya Sasaki, Chizuru Sawamura, and Itsuki Katagiri.
The name DearDream is proposed by Kanade, when he and his group take out their Dorica and admire the colors and he is suddenly inspired and reveals he has found them a name: DearDream.
Song - Pleasure Flag

Dream Festival / KUROFUNE

anime, anime boy, and kurofune image

KUROFUNE is composed by Yuto Kuroishi and Keigo Kazama.
Bored with playing in small locations and ready for a challenge, Yuto decided to enroll at D-4 Productions. But after he learns units are more successful and only they can perform in the approaching Battle Live event, he sets out to find a unit mate that can keep up with him.
Song - Arrival

Star-Myu / Team Otori

anime, anime boy, and high school star musical image

Team Otori , is one of the five Star Teams and is led by Otori Itsuki and their team leader is Hoshitani Yuta. They also call themselves 'Stardust', space junk of the Star Teams. The members did not meet the set criteria for the audition, but Otori stated that he formed the team based on his own set of criteria.
In the Newcomers' Debut Performance, they performed last. They were ranked 8th and passed on to the next test stage.
Song - Ayanagi Showtime

Star-Myu / Team Hiragi

anime, anime boy, and high school star musical image

Team Hiragi , is one of the five star teams and is led by Hiragi Tsubasa and their team leader is Tatsumi Rui.
In the Newcomers' Debut Performance, they ranked 1st and passed on to the next test stage.
Song - Chameleon Star!

Star-Myu / Team Yuzuriha

anime, anime boy, and starmyu image

Team Yuzuriha, is one of the five Star Teams and is led by Yuzuriha Christian Lion and their team leader is Ageha Riku.
In the Newcomers' Debut Performance, they were ranked 4th and passed on to the next test stage.
Song - ~

Star-Myu / Kao council

anime, starmyu, and anime boy image

The Kao Council is a group of third-year students who stand at the top of the Musical Department.
The Kao Council exists in Ayanagi Gakuen as a sort of student council. In a school that respects the independence of students, the members have a strong voice among the faculty and staff. Because graduating from it promises to be the ultimate backup for a musical actor, it is admired by all the students.
Song - Wonderful Wonder

Star-Myu / Ancients

anime, starmyu, and anime boy image

The Ancient is a term referring to the previous Kao Council members that have graduated from Ayanagi Gakuen. Each year, a batch closely related to the Kao Council members starring in the current musical will return to coach the 2nd year musical department students until summer.
Song - ~