A few days ago, my friend told me that we, as woman should know how to cook. I must admit, this sentence is a little bit annoying for me.
Before I explain my reason, here are some facts about myself;

First of all I am a woman. Either black or white, woman is just a woman. Secondly, I live in the part of the world where perfect life for woman is go to school to learn alphabet also be the first of the class will be a plus. And then, after eleven years, go to any university to get any degree or may be you can just skip this part and go straight for work. A job behind desk and inside air-conditioned room is preferable. While working, you were supposed to meet a born rich man and then married will be your happily ever after story.
Well, maybe that is too long for a name of my country, but at least that is what I get to know while spending my twenty-years of life in here. This normal life for woman is totally abnormal for me. I feel like getting trapped. Woman should be able to do something more without getting judged. Sadly, this mind set that woman-should-stay-in-kitchen is not going anywhere.
What if I choose to stay single for the rest of my life? There is nothing wrong with it. Maybe it is to soon for me to say this. Maybe ten years later I will end up with marriage, but it will not because I had to but I choose to. It is my choice not my obligation.