1. shine - mondo cozmo

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image Image by everything we cannot see

2. my oceans were lakes - as it is

aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image autumn, fall, and girl image

3. infinity - ajr

ajr and brothers image infinity, ajr, and infinity by ajr image

4. my heart's always yours - arkells

cool, music, and hipster image band, concert, and hipster image

5. noise - the neighbourhood

the neighbourhood, music, and jesse rutherford image the neighbourhood, hard, and indie image

6. sadderdaze - the neighbourhood

the neighbourhood, jesse rutherford, and jeremy freedman image aesthetic, grunge, and indie image

7. i need to know - sleeping with sirens

emo, pop rock, and post-hardcore image i need to know, Lyrics, and reason image

8. rubber ball - cage the elephant

cage the elephant image cage the elephant and rubber ball image

9. 1901 - birdy [cover]

birdy image 1901, alternative, and birdy image

10. intertwined - dodie

tumblr, white, and dodie image aesthetic, anxiety, and music image