Every time that you meet him, you feel butterflies inside your stomach.

And you realise that you like him as much as possible.

But how can you understand that he feels the same as you?

Well, here are 25 indications that ensure his feelings about you are pretty strong.

1. He asks you to meet him. And he can't wait to meet you again. And he asks you to meet him again.

2. He touches you. A lot. With every chance.

3. He tries to sit around you. As close to you as possible.

4. He tries to make you laugh. And you can observe that.

5. In fact, he has told you that your laugh is his favourite and that he loves it.

6. When you're chatting in social media, he sends you dozens of emoji's.

7. He is one of your biggest fans in social media.

8. He compliments you distinctively...

9. ...because he is afraid about you being aware of his feelings for you.

10. You have certainly caught him looking at you some time.

11. And when you realise that, he blushed and turn his head to another direction.

12. Generally, when he talks to you, you can say that he is a bit nervous about it.

13. He hardly stop asking you questions about yourself because he wants to know everything that happend in your life.

14. Also, he is willing to share things that happend in his life with you.

15. He may have found a silly nickname about you.

16. And you may adore it.

17. He often plays with your hair if you let him do that.

18. He has suggested cooking to you at least once.

19. He tries to be kind in front of you and be careful about what he's saying. He tries to make a good impression to you.

20. You don't have to wait more than ten minutes to answer your texts.

21. In fact he texts you first.

22. Sometimes he makes you the silliest compliments.

23. But you accept the compliments because someone have finally acknowledged that you're good at something.

24. He asks your opinion. About anything. Because your opinion is very important for him.

25. Everytime that you look each other, he smiles.

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