Autumn is my favorite season, because of all of the cozyness and beautiful things that follows with it.

coffee image autumn, book, and cozy image coffee, fashion, and cozy image autumn, fall, and coffee image
Sitting inside enjoying a cup of coffee or cocoa has never been better that it is during the fall months.
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Ofcourse the beautiful colors that show up everywhere is a huge part of why this season is so lovely.
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The clothes that come with the season is not to be avoided either.
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Enjoying a good book, movie or listening to some music...
autumn, fall, and candle image dog, fall, and autumn image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image
Everything orange. It's an amazing color and it can't do anything but make you happy.

I hope you liked this article about what is so essential to the season autumn.