I know it's not winter yet, or at least where I live, but oh how I love winter. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who does so that's why I'm writing this. The feeling I get when I see Christmas lights hanging around everywhere in town; I can't even describe how good that makes me feel, that's why I'm going to list a few, great things to get in the ''winter'' mood! ☃️
snow, winter, and christmas image snow, winter, and white image
Snow: how it makes everything look so perfect. The cracking you hear when you walk through it. Sitting in front of a window, following one particular snowflake falling down. How suddenly, this world becomes a magical place to be.
light, christmas, and tree image piano, light, and christmas image
Christmas Lights: How it makes everything look so cosy and magical. This, and snow are basically the best things ever in my eyes. They just make everything amazing.
christmas, lights, and tree image christmas, light, and winter image
Christmas Itself: Decorating the Christmas tree. Being with your family and loved ones. Giving and receiving gifts. Delicious food. What not to love about Christmas.
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Decorating your bedroom: Hanging Christmas lights all around your room, cosy pillows, lighting candles. Creating your own, cosy environment.
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Winter Fashion: Wearing sweaters and hoodies, hats, scarfs and gloves. Who doesn't love that?

By far not ready naming all the amazing things about winter, but this is it for now. I hope you're just as excited for winter as I am! ❄️

Love, Sheryl