Sometimes life is hard, well most of the time to be honest. And mostly I just try to go on with my day and hide my feelings. But then I get home and I write articles or heart pictures because they make me feel something and this is the only place where I can show my true feelings. And sometimes I feel like my life has no purpose and I do not fit in on this planet. Therefore I made this list of 5 things that are worth living for.

1. Beautiful views.

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I live for the beautiful views nature provides us with. No matter if it is the sunset at home or the beautiful mountains up north. I live for all the beautiful views I have yet not seen and still want to see.

2. Books I have yet not read

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I live for all the books i have yet not read and I still want to read. All the cozy afternoons with a blanket and tea in my bed reading one of the books I still want to read.

3. Changing seasons

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I live for every time seasons are changing and the leaves are turning yellow or the first flowers are blooming. Every time the temperature rises above 20 Celsius or is below 0. Every time the first snow is falling or you can take the first swim outside. Because those are the most beautiful times outside.

4. Important people

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I live for all the important people in my life and all the memories I have with them. From baking with my family , to swimming with my best friend at 3 am. Or just spending time with all the people I love and appreciate.

5. The future

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I live for the future because I think that there is hope, hope for a better future and I hope for change. I still believe that the future will be good to me and I have not yet given up.

And remember life might get hard sometimes, or all the time. But always try to find the bright side of life and try to find things to live for. It might not always be the easiest thing to do and to be honest I struggled writing this list but eventually I came up with 5 things. These 5 things might be totally irrelevant for you or you might find me weird for seeing these 5 things as things to live for, but the keep me going and help me.

I believe in you and so should you.

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