Things You Need To Know About Piercings

By Probablyancientbeauty

“Body modification does not change character”

As a girl having: 2 lobes, 1 helix and a nose piercing I can say I’ve had the experience with piercings. Some of you may disagree with that but I’ve had my ups and downs and what you should and shouldn’t do with peircings and if you truely know me you’d know I want to get 3 more piercings those of which are: Another helix, belly and tragus. The only thing that’s stopping me from getting those is dancing as I have to take them out for photos and performances. Any who let’s get on to the article.

First Time

If it’s your first time getting a piercing wheather that be the lob like most people don’t and I can’t stress this enough, don’t pull away from the gun. I’ve seen people do this when I was waiting in line to get my helix done or just in general try to pull away and the gun gets stuck causing more pain than no pain.

Just think of this your lobes are like sponge it’ll go straight through with very little pain it’s a 1/10, though it might be different for others...

With the spray they give you make sure you use it the way they tell you to wheather it’ll be spray your ear or spray a cotton tip and dab the piercing..

Other Parts Of The Body

If you’re getting something else pierced that’s not a love make sure they use a sterile needle and have the right tools. When I got my 2nds and helix done they both got infected because I went to this place called hairhouse warehouse and they are not sterile at all and they also cost a ton more for something that’ll get infected. I can back this up even more! My sisters got infected same with my friends. So I suggest finding a qualified store that will do it properly.

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