If you're feeling lonely, down, depressed or even suicidal, please read this...

I don't want you to feel this way. I don't know you and I don't really know what bothers you, what are your problems... but I want you to know, that I care.

To me, you're beautiful. Do you know why? Because you're unique, like a single snowflake. Yes, like a snowflake. Every each of them is uncomparable... and so are you.

You're beautiful and you're alive - and it should remain this way. I think that every person living on this planet has its purpose of life. If you're feeling meaningless, maybe it's because you haven't discovered your life goals and missions yet. I believe in you and I know you will discover it all, one day.

If you're feeling lonely, don't be. Look how many of us are here. You're not alone. We're here, for you and for any other precious person.

If someone's abusing you, don't be silent. It's not an option, in any means. You should tell someone, anyone. They will understand, they will help you. Don't suffer alone, there are many people abused in your region, you'd be surprised.... unfortunately... but you can't let anyone do this to you, it's not acceptable. It's against the law. It's against your rights for privacy and health. Please, let others help you, don't be ashamed. You have a right to feel happy, loved and independent. Remember about it. It may be hard, it may be really hard to start, but if you will ask for help, you will help yourself. Please, don't be silent.

I care about you. Don't forget about it.