1. don't look back in anger - portugal. the man [cover]

portugal. the man image 90, Lyrics, and oasis image

2. tonight, tonight - the smashing pumpkins

band, concert, and like image Lyrics and quote image

3. body - mother mother

autumn, girl, and fall image autumn, bra, and coffee image

4. whole wide world - cage the elephant

cage the elephant and music image cage the elephant image

5. spirits - the strumbellas

quotes, grunge, and indie image Lyrics, spirits, and the strumbellas image

6. and then some - arkells

arkells image Hot, pch, and arkells image

7. 21 days - scott helman

band, billboard, and canada image boy, singer, and scott helman image

8. miss yer kiss - swmrs

swmrs image kiss, Lyrics, and lips image

9. ghosting - mother mother

girl, car, and photography image christmas, light, and home image

10. kids again - artist vs poet

band, love, and boys image artist vs poet, him, and love image