1. creep - radiohead

radiohead image creep, radiohead, and weirdo image

2. uncomfortable - wallows

clay, indie, and 13 reasons why image alternative, bands, and boys image

3. come back home - arkells

Hot, arkells, and pch image canada, music, and tumblr image

4. round and round - arkells

band and arkells image arkells image

5. head to the ground - neck deep

Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and pale image

6. modern man - arcade fire

arcade fire image album, arcade fire, and the suburbs image

7. wish i knew you - the revivalists

art, drawing, and hand image flowers, rose, and orange image

8. god put a smile upon your face - coldplay

coldplay, Chris Martin, and guy berryman image coldplay image

9. suit and jacket - judah and the lion

twenty one pilots, love, and tøp image song lyrics and judah & the lion image

10. twice - catfish and the bottlemen

catfish and the bottlemen and van mccann image catfish, catfish and the bottlemen, and twice image