Could i say that we have strings attached between us? Pushing each other away as the strings coiled up around our necks, slowly suffocating us. Most people say we're in denial but when we turn back around to see each other face to face again, we could see in each others eyes that we both don't want to be here. It hurts seeing someone not wanting you and is forced to accept you just because we feel like we're glued together.

We nurtured the love for awhile and gave up half way. We fall in and out of love more often than any possible times of it should've happened. We gave up and run away to other people, to hide the truth and run from reality. What we realized is when after we fall for other people, our eyes still shone for each other. Oh no, we still feel hurt when we see each other with other people. It hurts ever so badly that sometimes we lie to ourselves that they're just playing hard to get.

I love him but I don't.