The worst thing about falling inlove is the regret afterwards. We all have that one special person that broke us. And we are incapable to love anyone else. Why you ask? It's because we keep seeking that one person in others. But the truth is that we will never succseed. No one will ever be the same. No one will ever look at you like he did. No one will ever make you feel the things like he did. They migh make you happy, but he will always be the last person you think about when you fall asleep and the first person you think about when you wake up. So you keep breaking others. You keep telling yourself that the next one will be different. But no one ever is. So you eventually break, you let the only pearson that gave you a million reasons to cry, break your heart again and again. Because those few short but the best moments that you have with him mean more than the months or even years you spend beeing sad and broken.