in the picture .. you would have thought I was so happy... but guess what.. its a LIE! sorry can't help it. I've tried and nothing works besides smoking! and I'm only 16 so I really don't need to do that! I have 3 brothers.. 1 little sister. if I don't show my little brother and little sister that I can be strong.. there gonna grow up sad and fake smiling to! HOW THAT THIS!!! whore!, fat, ugly, a NOBODY!. yea it sucks a lot and its everyday well first my dad was not ever in my life until 2 years ago bc he stoped doing all the drugs and married some girl that is so mean and unfair bc I guess im not her real child! and then my mom has been in jail my whole life bc of drug and others.. I'm in the 10th grade and failing every class I'm in bc I don't feel like coming to school and doing the work bc I'm DEPRESSED! it sucks.. so really I'm a nobody for now and probably will stay like that.. while my dad did the drugs and mom is in jail.. my grandma raised me.. now me and her are the closet thing in the world and she is my everything and she older now and can't do as much running around as she use to! and I don't live with her no more.. and don't get to see her every day like I use to! and I'm so scared something gonna happen to her. and if it does.

its the END!..


just text me on here please talk to me