Hello Guys!
This is my very first article on weheartit.com. As you can tell, I am new around here and I don't really know what goes around here.

But here is a 'Survey' on you guys. Well not a real survey. It's just a thing I noticed around here. I have posted quite a lot Images here and on some of them got a lot of hearts and some get few. Now depending on those I have something.
My very First image was of Camila Cabello. (The girl I love)

camilacabello image

It got ten hearts.
I posted two more pictures and one of them got 46 hearts.

camila cabello image

Conclusion: People love Camila, so do I, which is nice.

That is not what this is all about. Here is the point:

I posted some quotes. There are 4 of them but here are 3.

friendship, quotes, and friends image

This one got 13 hearts.

quotes, friends, and friendship image

This one got 16 hearts.

quotes, life, and journey image

This one got 36 hearts.

If you don't get it then here it is:
People like the third one why?
Because it has a big meaning behind it, A dark meaning behind it.
Yes people are lonely in this this world. That is the sad reality. You might meet me, I might smile throughout the meeting, You might even assume that I am a happy person but do you know what is behind this smiling face? There might be tears, darkness and anger or there might be joy, sunlight and happiness. That is why we shouldn't judge people by who they are in front of you.
And this is the conclusion of this whole Article:
Everyone goes through their darkest days. Everyone is lonely and everyone isn't perfect.
Maybe this all doesn't make sense but believe me the last part does and it is true.