Hello everyone!
This is my first article and I hope you like it!
I love Japan and its culture, and with this article I hope to send you some curiosity about this magnificent place!

1) The culture.
Japan is one of the places where culture has undergone major changes over the centuries:
from Japanese original culture (called JOMON) to modern culture, composed of great combinations of Asian, European and North American influences.
An example of Japanese culture is "The Japanese Garden" (NIHON TEIEN) of Korakuen, Okayama.

The Manga are comics that are distinguished by all the others, because the characters are often characterized by large eyes, stylized noses and mouths.
The Manga, previously, were only sold in Japan. Subsequently, sales are expelled and now the whole world can enter a comic shop and buy any Manga want. Among the most popular publishing houses that produce them (of course in Japan) are Shueisha and Shogakukan.
Finally, Manga is divided into 5 types: Hentai, Shojo, Shonen, Seinen, One-shot.

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Tomorrow you will find motives 3 and 4!
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