Khadija (ra) was the first wife of Prophet Muhammad (saw). God has claimed that she is an ideal woman in Islam (a religion). This article will be more about me clarifying some people’s confusion on Islam than her quotes because people often come to me with so many questions and they get confused by what they see in the media and what ACTUAL Islam is.
Firstly, Let’s clarify a few things.

Islam = Religion
Muslim = Follower of Islam
Quran = Holy Islamic Book
Holy Prophet = Muhammad (saw)
saw = Peace and blessing of God be upon him, in arabic
Allah = How muslims say God in arabic (not a different God, but a different NAME)
ra = May Allah be pleased with her/him

So, often, people say that women in Islam are “oppressed” and they are forced to do/say/marry whatever and whoever the men of the household allow. Well, Khadija (ra) was a wealthy woman in Saudi Arabia who ran a very popular trade with other cities and countries, and believe it or not, but the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) worked for her! Khadija (ra) was awed by our Prophet’s kindness and strong moral character, so she sent someone to ask him about marrying her. This also proves that women get to choose who they want to marry, and it’s a sin in the Quran to get a woman to marry someone without her consent. The Holy Prophet (saw) was very reluctant because he thought that he wasn’t good enough for her, but eventually gave in.
Also, people say “Oh, not all muslims are terrorists!” No honey. You got it wrong. It’s “NO terrorist is muslim.” I seriously don’t know which Quran Al-Qaeda and ISIS read, but it’s not mine, because I’ve finished the Quran over five times and I have NEVER read a part when God says it’s OKAY to kill people. In fact, “Islam” in arabic means “Peace”. And if anything, It’s written in Quran: “Whosoever killed a person, it shall be as if he had killed mankind,” (5:33). So Islam is strictly against creating disorder in the land!

Let me know what you think about this article & don’t be shy to message me! Anyways, now for
Day 10: #thatswhatshesaid sayings by Hazrat Khadija (ra)

“God is witness. He has not sent you this Word that you should fail and prove unworthy, that He should give you up. How can God do such a thing to you?”

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“Allah, Himself, is a Source of Peace”

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“May peace and blessings be upon you O, Prophet”

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