17th October 2017

So, my birthday is quickly approaching, and some of your birthdays might be too. Even if your birthday isn’t for another few months, it’s never too early to plan...right?

Wether you’re a family dinner kind of person or a party animal, here are some ideas of how to spend your special day!

Family Dinner

If you like to spend your birthday with your close ones, why not go out to dinner or order your favourite takeaway as a special treat? This is something that I do every year. This year, I’m inviting my grandparents over for dinner and we’re just having some fish and chips, and of course, a quality ice cream cake for dessert!

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Have Lunch with Friends

Another thing that I have planned for my birthday is I’m going to a cafe with my best friend @probablyancientbeauty . It’s always great to catch up with your friends and have a great convo, along with some delicious food and drinks.

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Throw A Massive Party

If you love a good party, then why not ask all your friends over for a massive party? You can get a DJ, have some yummy snacks and decorate with lights and streamers! I’m not much of a fun of big gatherings, but if you do, go right ahead and start planning your party!

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A Day/Night Out With Friends

Why not treat you and your closest friends to a day or night out? Go to the salon and get makeovers and manicures or head down to the beach for a swim. Or you could go to a theme park or even attend a music show!

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Hold A Sleepover

Invite a few close friends for a night of food, fun and movies! Be sure to provide lots of snacks such as chips, lollies and soft drinks. Have a collection of classic movies or Tv shows to watch all night long such as High School Musical, Bring It On and Riverdale. Be prepared to play some pretty intense games like Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever. I love doing things like this!

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Themed Gathering

If you’re celebrating an important age or milestone such as 16th, 18th and 21st, why not have a Themed celebration? Enjoy an afternoon of High Tea and dress up all fancy, or perhaps throw a Swingin 60s Party! Another idea is to throw a masquerade ball! This is a fun way to get all of your friends and families together and have a bit of fun!

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Romantic Date Night

If there’s a special someone in your life, then why not take them out on a romantic candlelit dinner, or perhaps a lovely picnic? I wish I could do this for my birthday, but first I actually have to start a conversation with my crush!

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If you’re celebrating a birthday soon, then Happy Birthday! If you’re not celebrating just yet, then I hope this article has given you some ideas!

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ily all so much x