1. It is okay to not have everything in your life according to what you have planned.
2. Life is too short to worry about a lot of things. Relax. We're still young.
3. Just because we are in our twenties doesn't mean we shouldn't commit mistakes. Do not be afraid to fail.
4. Take your wrong moves as guide to not do it again. Unless you're really looking for headache.
5. Everyday is a new day to be a better version of ourselves. Who says people can't change?
6. Stop over thinking. It's all in the head.
7. If you're stuck in a job wherein it really isn't your dream career, let it be. Your current employment might take you places you never know.
8. Only resign with your job right now when you can confidently market yourself outside. Meaning, whichever company you might apply for, they see you as a very desirable candidate and they can't say no to what is in your resume.
9. Leave the toxic people behind. Do not let them get involved with you again.
10. When you feel like you have no friends, always know that you have family.
11. Master the art of saying no.
12. Save beautiful pictures in your wallet so that when you have a bad day and you don't wanna check your phone, there will always be something you could distract the negativity from.
13. Always spare a little amount from your salary. You don't necessarily need to save up for something. Save money while you have an extra.
14. Being in our twenties is tricky, we think we should be living on our own and start being somebody and make our own decisions and so on and so fourth. In my opinion, never forget to include your family's feelings in making big choices. They have the biggest impact in your life.
15. In a generation full of parties and travels, don't forget to still visit your church.
16. Listen to your body. Take care of your health. You are not getting any younger.
17. Wear that dress if you like. Apply make-up if it makes you feel good. Do not hesitate to look beautiful for yourself.
18. You will never ever be able to please everyone so fck what they think.
19. Enjoy yourself while you have the money and energy. Go somewhere.
20. By now you should have known that people on social media only share the good side of their life. It is stupid to compare your life to what only appears good on pictures.
21. When you have friends, your gonna have enemies too. It's up to you if you want to let them know that they are barking at the wrong tree.
22. Go ahead and start making that greatest dream of yours come true. Have faith. There is still time.
23. Everything has its right time. Yours is coming soon.