Her eyebrows were thick, almost black;
and her eyes which reminded me of the deep depths of the ocean. Blue and vibrant but had a sadness that couldn't be compared.
An untold story - a dark one to say the least - but that was the thing most people didn't notice.

She always had a smile on her face and wore nice clothes. Teacher's pet they called her; That's not what they meant. They whispered many stories, one I heard three different ways. But she still walked down the hall with that same happy smile on her face. No wonder they said such things.

I wished I had helped her sooner, I wish I was there. But I wasn't and no one seemed to care. One day she was there and the next, like she didn't even exist.

So I'm left to tell her unknown story, the girl with the thick eyebrows - the ones that stood out from the rest: the story no one heard; A brand new one that might shock you.

But before I do, there was one thing that caught my eyes, four little words that surprised me, four words that got me interested in who this girl was. Four words were her last, and her beginning.

"It wasn't your fault."