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I decided to do an article on places I've been that I'd recommend! I've been so fortunate to be able to travel to a lot of places thanks to my parents ✈. At the bottom of this is my travel collection if you'd like to give it a follow!

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, California. This seriously lives up to its name, at least for me it does. The beaches, the sea, the palm trees.. I love it. Santa Monica and Hollywood are great places to get the LA experience!

San Francisco

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San francisco, another city in California. Known for the Golden Gate bridge and its trams. It's a seriously beautiful city with so many things to do and photo opportunities. A highlight for me is riding over the Golden Gate bridge by bike!

Palma (Mallorca)

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Mallorca has lots of coves with beautiful beaches and then moving inland its full of quaint Spanish towns. It's the perfect European summer getaway location!


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My favourite city in the world. I'm from England but am still amazed by its beauty every time I go there. Full of history and architecture, red buses and black taxis, iconic features like the big ben and london eye, its not a city to miss. Make room for a few days in London, you'll need it!


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Rome is such a unique city, similar to London it's got so much history such as the famous Colosseum! I went at christmas and it was beautiful, and of course the food is spectacular.

New York

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I went in February for my 18th and it was a really beautiful time of year to visit! It was cold and snowing which made it all look dreamy! It definitely lives up to its hype.

I hope you get to travel to places you want to go to one day!

This is my 'travel' collection

this contains photos of places all around the world
This is a collection dedicated to NYC.
And finally my California collection!

If any of you have travel collections or Ny/Ca collections message me because I'd love to follow more collections dedicated to the world.

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