Dear ex lover/ best friend ,

Thank you for letting me get to know you. To see the nice side that no one saw but me. The beautiful side that no else saw. The fun side that made me smile. You were my first kiss. When we made out it was everything to me. You were everything to me. But, now it's like we don't know each other anymore. We don't know how to start a conversation. It was so easy before. Now it's gone. You were my first love. Idk how but you were. You were different. You saw the beauty in me nobody ever did. I loved you so much it hurt. Then one day I stopped caring, crying worrying about you thinking about you. I stopped loving you. Because you don't care. My eyes were close back then because everyone else saw that you liked me a lot. I wasn't paying attention I'm sorry. I don't understand what even happened but, it wasn't me it was you. You became like everyone else. You changed. Now your cruel, mean , you look like everyone else. You act like everyone else. You aren't different. You're not the person I once met the boy who smiled at me who stared at me like I was the only living, beautiful flower left in the this big garden of dead flowers. I hope you'll find love. Because I did once like you and I'm still the person you first met. I change but in a good way. I don't know why I don't love you or feel anything for you but I just see a two faced, fake person. Who's lost.

Love ex best friend