School, The ultimate key to you unlocking the true potential of your mind. Education...So, we all want to do good in school. Making sure you can study using effective methods, using your time wisely.

So @Whispiral is here with 10 Effective Studying Tips and Strategies

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1. Highlighting

Yes, Tip one is highlighting. Using dark and very inky highlighters can seep through the paper so its recommended to get brands like Hype or Sharpie... When Highlighting remember to only highlight key terms and special information you want eyes to quickly catch. Not every other word or full sentences.

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2. Re- writing Notes

I know, I know, you're all like "Hey! But shouldn't I be studying not rewriting what I already know?!"

News flash, Studying is going through your notes to catch key concepts. That's exactly what this tip is about. So, when you re-write your notes, your mind processes the stuff you write easily, catching onto the facts and remembers the stuff you already know more clearly.

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3. Quiz Your self or your friend.

Yes go text Amanda and Carter. Its time for the ultimate study group! How exciting...!?

Well, When you are quizzing your friend or having people quiz you, you get used to not being able to refer your notes and when quizzing, you pick up stuff from your friend's answer.

Amanda: Dude, whats 2 squared?


Carter: f-f-f

You: Five?

Carter: f-f-f ooo

You: Four!

Amanda: Correct! you're going to ace this! Lets go play ball!

well then...That was a bad example and it was meant to be a joke so actually do study properly using the listed methods and tips.

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4. Showing your work

Did you know that if you show your work on tests, that even if you end up with the wrong answer, you can get some marks at least. So lets say you did the steps right but converted something wrong thus leading to the wrong answer you can at least get half marks or something!

Show you work people...

**doesn't apply to everywhere

5. Be organised and neat

When you are studying over your notes, its easy to read if you wrote them neatly not like a whole war had happened on top of you while you were writing.

Being organised also makes it easier to find your notes, have a different separate binder for all your courses.

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6. Use online resources or ask for help

Yes, the internet is kinda credible if you take out the fact that Wikipedia is editable... Whatever...

You should you online resources for extra help if needed. Like Khan Academy or like other sites help you in math. In that site, they go over math concepts step-by-step carefully.

PS. You aren't going to die if you ask for help... In fact, you're not perfect. Nobody cares whether or not you need help. If they do care, aren't they such a special snowflake?

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7. White boards! Chalk boards!

I use a whiteboard and go over worksheet questions on there. I can exactly see my work visually which helps me learn better. For visual learners, using white boards do help! They help me study!

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8. Speaking out loud as you work though problems

When you speak out loud while working, you get to hear your thoughts as you work. Worried about people hearing you?, go to your room, sit on your bed, get comfy as you study. This might seem weird but speaking out loud lets you hear what you are thinking, you might catch things (either right or wrong) about your thinking process.

When writing and explaining, also do this. It helps! Especially for learners which learn through listening.

9. Take breaks

To make sure you don't get off track or get bored, take breaks every hour or so. Don't procrastinate. Take away all things around you that can prove to be a distraction.

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10. Make sure your learning space is ergonomically friendly.

Make sure your chair is adjustable, the room temperature is just right, your space is clean, the monitor top is at eyes level with you...

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That's it for now and c'mon guys! Pick up those textbooks!