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My name is Myrthe (or Mimi). How are you today? I hope you've had a nice day so far!
Today I wanted to talk about fashion! Lately I started to explore the world of fashion and I love it! I can't get enough of clothes and new things. If I had the time (and the money) I would shop every day.
But besides all these awesome new stuff you buy, there are also some basic needs you need to have in your closet so I've made a list with all the basic needs and must-haves that every girl needs.

1. A good pair of fitting jeans.

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It doesn't matter if it's a black or blue coloured jeans, everyone needs a few good fitting jeans that are also good quality! They will last really long.

2. Tight tops.

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These are perfect for summer but I actually wear them under a shine-through top or t-shirt so you won't see my bra or something else. (I don't know how you call it tbh)

3. A good quality belt.

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We all need belts but you need at least 1 good quality belt that you can wear all the time without breaking or anything else...

4. Some plain T-shirts

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It doesn't matter which colour, you just need some plain t-shirt! You can wear it with everyting and your outfit can still look cute tho.

5. Little black dress

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You def needs a black dress in your closet! Wheter you wear it at a funeral, a party, a meeting... black dresses can go with anything and it's all up to you what kind of black dress you prefer. Black just goes with everything and you can wear it as a back up if you don't know what to wear to- for example- a party.

6. Nice cardigan

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Cardigans are cute, comfy, warm, stylisch... you just need 1 that goes with everything!

7. A skirt to combine with everything

Image by *Isabel Sweet Like Candy* fashion, outfit, and skirt image
Not everyone loves them but you def need a plain stylisch skirt that matches with every top in your closet! (okay every top is too much but you know what I mean.)

8. a legging

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I don't go to the gym or practice a sport but I do have some leggings that I wear on a lazy day. They're so so comfy!

9. Plain pumps

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Plain pumps are a must! You need a few (even 1 is perfect) that you can wear with anything!

10. Favorite sneakers

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No comment, you just need them!

11. Boots

fashion, style, and jeans image Image by malamimica
Boots are an autumnal essential! They're so comfy and so stylisch. I think you just need the right pair (I've bought over the knee boots but they're too wide for my leg.)

12. Denim jacket

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I love denim jackets! This trend will never end.

13. Warm hoodie

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What's a closet without a comfy hoodie???

14. A black shoulder bag

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You can wear it at any occasion, they go with everything and won't go out of style.

15. Blazer

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Blazers are perfect for a meeting or a wedding or whatever! They're stylish and give you the looks of a chique business woman.

16. Flannel

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Flannels can be pretty comfy and you can style them howerver you want.

I hope I helped you a little bit or that you enjoyed this article! These are the things I think you need to have i your closet but it actually depends from person to person.
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I hope we'll meet again in my next article and I hope you'll have a nice day/evening and son't forget to slay this day!


16th of october 2017