Hey hearters,
this is my first article and now I write five +1 things what I love in Autumn!

1.Seeing the first leaves when change

autumn, fall, and road image

This is the most beautiful thing.

2.Warm drinks

light, autumn, and christmas image

I like it when I and my friends sit in the cafe and we drink a Hot Chokolate or Pumpkin Spice Latte's etc.

3.Oversized sweaters

girl, autumn, and photography image

I love awfully these sweaters, I feel very comfortable and warm. This is the best feeling in the world.


"When I saw you
I fa(e)ll in love,and
you smiled
because you knew."
-William Shakespeare

Fall brings change,
And like the leaves
It's only natural we change
with it."

5.Chill out

netflix, article, and chill image

Riverdale, Arrow. Supernatura, AHS etc. or books(become a new article)

+1.Take photos in nature

autumn, girl, and fall image

I hope you like it! xoxo