Right now I am sitting at work, some minuites ago I did my spanish homework and today I wrote my english exam four hours long. I am out of my energy but I wanted to write this to know if I am the only one or not.

I really don´t know who I am. I mean we are maybe what the society wants us to be or we are as our friends cause we want to be like them or just want to have people around. We can be like what our family wants us to be; be like them propably.
Between all these things who am I?

What is the part of me wich isn´t controlled by related persons, classmates or strangers.

I wrote stories on instagram for some time becauseI got inspired by people who wrotes stories, wich I also read. And it was a way how I could let my creativity out and it helped me a lot with dealing with problems from me or from my friends. I had support behind my back from my community but then I didn´t had the time for it anymore. I mean you can check out my wattpad but just when you can understand german. So when my english isn´t the best it is because I don´t speak and write it fluently.

In the future I want to do something in an office room maybe from a famous fashion brand. Why is this my dream job? My mom and my dad work/ed in an offce place and I did my internship there. The love to fashion is for me a decision for my self but it could have to do with the social media why I am so interested in this.

You see I try to search for solutions I don´t have. So I just have 20 minutes of work left and I am really happy to eat at home.

Ps: I will make a grilled cheese bread. Now I am starving!!! Write me if you want to :)