Sometimes,provided I have enough free time to think random things,I wonder what love is.
Of course,love is one of those words that have countless meanings as different people see love in a whole different way.
For example,my little sister sees love as two(or more) people that care for each other for many years and do not yell at each other.
My father sees love as this shouting when you fall because you were not paying attention.
My mother sees love as a give and take situation.
See?Everyone has different ideas.
But I believe that everyone has someone or something in mind when they hear this word,whether it is their family,boyfriend/girlfriend,job,a hobby or God.
Can someonse survive without love?I do not know,to be honest.But I guess everyone has to cling somewhere or to someone in order to survive.So,I guess,the answer is "no"?Who knows...
After all,it is not a question I have to answer for you.So tell me
What is love to you?