Hello guys!

I'm back with another article today, where I list a couple of things that are essential to me, and why they are important.
This is actually day 2 of a 20 day writing challenge by I stumbled across recently in the Articles channel. (I decided to skip day 1 since it's an introduction and I've already written one) Unfortunately, I didn't screenshot the author of that, but I'm gonna try to trace it back and actually put her name in this article. But until then I still wanna say thank you to that lovely person!


...who would've thought. No, but seriously, I love coffee, I couldn't imagine my mornings or my afternoons without it. After school, me and my boyfriend usually sit out on the balcony with a big cup of coffee and a cigarette and we have the best talks while sipping our drinks. Especially now, in Autumn- the leaves, the weather... it's perfect.
Also, without coffee, I probably wouldn't have been able to pull a lot of my all-nighters, so also huge thanks for coffee for keeping me awake while learning and essay writing! 😅

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My boyfriend & friends

Another cliché, yay! Of course, I couldn't imagine my life without my dear lover and best friend. We have the best time together, and nothing's taboo between us. We have the best talks and we usually discuss everything- I love spending time with him, we always laugh so much, or when I'm feeling down he's always there to listen to what's wrong.

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He actually always lifts me up like that, no matter where we are... XD

But as much as I love my boyfriend, I still couldn't imagine my life without my main bitch, my best friend, my twin sister. We've been friends for about 6 years now, and even though we're fire and ice, we have the best time, best talks, best girls night outs. I couldn't imagine a better person for a best friend, she supported me through good and bad, and there's no other person whom I'd rather get drunk with.

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I actually tried to look for pictures that suits especially my best friend's and my style: compared to each other we really look like fire and ice!


I'm a really big fan of drawing- or not just drawing, anything art related. I especially like design, VFX, typography, and I really want to get a DSLR camera for Christmas, so I could take some great photos and mess around in Lightroom with my own pictures! I love making typographies in After Effects and experiment with different effects, and I would be very grateful if in the future I would work in graphics design!

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Those drunken nights

Call me an alcoholic, but I really like these. Do you know the feeling when you and your best friend just lay in a field, or in a bench or anywhere and you just laugh, talk, and forget everything for a while? I love those night. I don't participate in them very often, but they usually end very well- we babble, we're being silly and we always have the best time. And the best is, that we are not wasted, we're not puking- we're just a bit drunk. Just enough to feel like everything's fine for a while and nothing bothers us. I just love those. We don't go on social media, we just chill- watch the stars, or we listen to our favourite music. Nothing special, but I guess that makes it so special.

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There are many things in life that make it worth living- sunsets, scented candles, a lot of great books, concerts, and I could go on probably forever.
These are my favourite things in my life that I couldn't live without (that's actually the title of this day's challenge), but just few of the many wonderful things that I am very fond of.

Have a nice day guys, hope to see you soon in another article! ^^