Hello unknown person who reads this,

First things first,i´m really bad at making headings,so sorry for that.
My name is Luna or flowergirl because it has more aesthetic lol,
usually I am a really weird person,who likes to do all kinds of things.

So let me tell you a little bit of my life,I am clumsy not a little bit no,when you would get money everytime you do something clumsy or embarrassing or both at the same time, I would be the richest person on Earth.

So when I was in 6th grade and on my way to the bus station in my village,it was fall.
There were always Chestnuts on the ground. The hyped little Luna was hopping and dancing around because she thought nobody was watching,so when she heard someone laughing. My face turned immediatly red, when I turned around,I saw those big and evil 10th graders,as a 6th grader they were the scariest humans or living things on earth.
That is something embarrasing but for me,Luna that wasnt enough, I was so concentrat at looking at the 10th gaders and wanting to sink in the ground that I didnt noticed the big Chestnut lying right in front of me. The next thing that happend was my face hitting the ground and getting full of dirt, I heard the group of 10th graders even louder laughing and my knees were hurt.
I stood up and ran as fast as I could to the bus station.
When i arrived at school and my friends complimented my pretty Jeans with the holes,I clearly was done with school and my day even my life (I am still here),the only good thing that happend to me on that day was getting a princess Band-aid from the school nurse and my dad giving me ice cream after school.

So the lesson we learned, when you get hurt the only thing that can help is a princess band aid and ice cream.byebye drops mic and awkwardly leaves the stage