in the SPRING we growing togther ;learning to love our secret parts
learning to love etch other slowly but in poweful way
in the SUMMER we still loving, enjoing from our little moments that we left
because in less then a second we braking up again
thw wind that once was stroked now separating us from etch other
she pulling me away from you and your hands no longer holding mine
so our road end and i'm left alone.
now i need to survive and start to build myself from the start because the
WINTER is rigth behind the connor and he's not pity.
he coming in a big storm, destroying and freeze everything
i'm frozen for a very long time
can see but not able to move or talk
and then I saw you from distant
frozen too
we passing our time by watching at etch other
making conversation with our eyes
wating for the day that i could run into your arms
And the spring come again...