Hello everybody,
This an atricle about how to dress like a queen!
As far as I'm concerned, a queen should dress modestly and beautifully. Of course, being a queen has nothing to do with the way you dress, and it is above all about what is in your heart, in your mind and the way you behave.
However, if you are a queen or striving to become one and if you want to dress with modesty and royalty here are my tips for beautiful practical clothing you should have in your wardrobe. I personnaly am a hijabi, but I hope anyone can get inspired!

"Long dresses or abayas"

Abayas and long dresses are very elegant, simple and give you entire coverage, however may not always be practical if you are very active.

hijab and abaya image Image by Mastani

"Long skirts"

A long skirt with a shirt is elegant as well!

fashion, skirt, and muslima image hijab, fashion, and muslim image

"Shorter dresses, tunics or long shirts (with trousers)"

This is useful if you are very active, sporting for example or just to go to school.

hijab image hijab fashion, hijab style, and hijabi girl image

"Kimonos, cardigans and coats"

Kimonos and cardigans give you coverage (you can wear it with short sleeved dresses or shirts) and elegance at the same time. Also a bit warmer for outside!

Image by Mastani Image by Mastani kimono and hijâbi image fashion and hijab image

I hope this will inspire you!