Hey love, nice you are back here

So I'm a huge fan of horror, I really like it and I like that some movies or series are based on real stories and for me that is kinda nice, but creepy at the same time, because thinks of it, like "The Conjuring 1-2" is based on true stories and that is kinda freaking me out, but I love it.

Like you feel the horror, you feel how they maybe have had it at that time and you will see how the world in some moments is truly fucked up. That thing I said right here is what made me fall in love with horror in any kind.

But I love horror and at the same time I can watch "Beauty And The Beast" and cry when the beasts dies, that's just who I am, I love horror and anything in between that.

Like I'm seeing a horror film right now and at the same I have a Disney song stuck in my head because I saw a Disney movie yesterday.

But I like horror movie best because it has me on the eges of myself of what's going to happen next and I love that.

but that's all from now

see ya next time

love marie<3