Wanna test your sanity? How would you like to try to contain yourself while looking at some gorgeous ladies in pristine af chokers? The task is simple: Try not to scream! But while scrolling down the page of these 30 beauties, it will be hard not to. You ready?

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choker, iranian, and necklace image
choker, necklace, and pompadour image
aussie, blue eyes, and piercing image
blue eyes, curly hair, and kiss image
beads, boss, and choker image
choker, necklace, and coat image
blue eyes, fashion, and chest image
blonde, choker, and corset image
African, Afro, and black image
blue hair, crystal, and lip gloss image
beautiful, choker, and necklace image
bangs, gold, and makeup image
cameo, goth, and choker image
blonde, choker, and necklace image
Afro, makeup, and hispanic image
book, desk, and dress image
barbie, blonde, and choker image
chest, choker, and har image
choker, emo, and floor image
choker, colorful, and kiss image
choker, necklace, and red hair image
blonde, choker, and necklace image
bed room, choker, and ear plugs image
brunette, russian, and cheeks image
choker, goth, and neck image
African, Afro, and crystal image
asian, cross, and korean image
chain, dress, and tan image
black, gold, and bright image
b&w, black and white, and bun image

Did you not scream? You won!
Did you scream? You won!