Hey guys, this is my second article so far and while I was thinking on what to write, I thought I needed two things: first, to talk about something I truly understand and second, to talk about something that would possibly help someone else (apart from me ;) )
So here goes...!!!!!!!!!!

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1. When you have a task/homework/or whatever that has a deadline so you MUST do it, try to do it RIGHT AWAY when you get home from school or work. Do not get home and postpone that one task because you're not feeling it. Instead give yourself a reward after doing it.

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2. Don't go near your room, specially your bed. If you have homework to do and you work fine laying in your bed, good, but if you're one of those people that goes near their bed and instantly feels lazy or too comfortable, it's not very smart to do hw while laying there, you'll just gain a nap lol.

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3. Finally, set your mind to something. Plan how much time you will focus on that task so you'll do it more quickly rather than waste your time. For example: if you get home at 6pm, use ten minutes to change clothes or whatsoever and tell yourself that at 6:10 you will start that task and will finish it at let's say 7:00pm. And even you can get a little bit entertained by trying to finish it before the time you had previously estimated.

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That's all! I personally struggle with postponing my duties till last minute, I don't know if it's bad or good but it's not working out fine for me so that is why I follow these tips. They have a good impact on me and it would have been worth writing this if it even helped 1 person. Thanks!

Nikki :)