Don't you want me like in my distants dreams?
it feels so right, it feels so real.
I might be obssed with the thought of you with me.
because I know that deep in your heart there's a voice,
a voice that say that our paths collide, a voice that says that you should be by my side.
We walk around like nobody would notice that we are apart, but our eyes tell truth and our words insists in those lies.
I love the way you walk, i love the way you talk and everytime I think of you I smile.
I see you having fun with your friends, I see you hangin' out with another girls but i'm the one who's afraid of saying hello for you.
I could be the most pessimist girl, and I could give up but
one day everything changed, when you sat be my side and said that a whole year you were hiding your feelings, you hugged me and my whole world stoped, you said that i'd never be alone anymore, now at the end of the day we are in love again.
A fantasy of a graceless shy girl became real, the smile that was always fake became real, and the love for a boy that I thought that would never notice me became real.