Hey guys! I´ve decided to continue with my Artist Recommendation of the Month thing that I´ve started last month. Thank you all so much for your music recommendations that you´ve send me, keep them coming!

This month I will recommend you blackbear, an amazing underrated artist!

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Matthew Tyler Musto , known professionally as blackbear , is an American hip hop recording artist, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

I discovered blackbear through Youtube when a song of his was suggested. I had heard his name before, but I never took time to listen him. Now, he is one of my favourite solo artists. I think that he deserves more recognition as he has awesome songs.

  • Favourite song: Girls Like U and wish u the best are my favourite songs by him at the moment. I really love Matthew´s voice and with the rhytmn, both songs sound incredible.
  • Favourite album: Although it´s not an album, the EP Drink Bleach is my favourite. My favourite songs are in it.
  • Favourite lyrics: "Give me your forever, at least just for a while" (Girls like u) I love it so much that it´s on my bio.
  • Honorable mention : The song chateau is another song I really love by blackbear.
  • You should listen to him because: He is an underrated song-writer and musician, and he deserves a lot of appreciation.
  • First song I listened by him: After Youtube recommended it to me a lot of times, I decided to listen to idfc. Another beautiful song by him.
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Thanks for reading this article! Don´t forget to give bear a listen and to recommend me more artists through postcards.
Lots of love,