Hey, this is my first article and I decide to write about places I want to visit. I love traveling, so here is 5 places on my travel bucket list.


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For me, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries with it's long history and breathtaking landscapes. It's first on my bucket list because one of my biggest dreams is to live in Norway. I read a lot about Norwegian history and i speak Norwegian a little bit.


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I would like to visit France because of it's artistic background. I would like to visit Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge and Pont Alexandre bridge. Also i like the architecture of Paris.


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I love Scandinavian countries. As Norway, Iceland has a great Viking history that fascinates me. I like it's fjords and also landscapes.


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To be honest, I would like to go to Canada, especially Toronto, because of The Weeknd, I'm biggest fan.


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I just like the Irish spacious and green meadows. Architecture of Dublin is really breathtaking and wonderful.

Thank you guys for reading!
Bye, xoxo!