Do you realize out of all the 5 natural elements, sky is the most unique, most powerful and also the most neglected. It is the most unacknowledged thing from this entire universe. It starts at the tip of your nose and spreads until and beyond any human, any telescope could ever imagine to see. But yet no one gives it, it’s due. I’ll tell u why I say it starts at the tip of our nose but before that…

Unlike the others 4 elements sky is intangible, incalculable; we can touch the earth - measure its area, we can touch the water, feel the air and also feel the fire/heat. But sky is unperceivable by any which way; we can’t see it, touch it, smell it or hear it. We can’t perceive it with any of our senses. So, does that mean it is not?

To understand that lets bring in some 'astrophysics', it is said that all the planets and all the stars of all the galaxies and all the dust, all the gases, all the physical matter of all this universe comprise of only 5% of the entire universe and the remaining 95% of the universe is filled with a formless, shapeless, unidentified energy which has no matter called as dark matter/dark energy – it’s called dark because it is invisible.

night sky and sky image
look between the stars for the deepest, darkest sky and remember, that is where the entire universe is floating on.

This 95% of shapeless, formless energy my friends, is what we’ve been simply calling sky all this time. Since we could only see up until our eyes could reach, we only saw atmosphere and the blue refraction of light by it, and perceived it as sky, but sky is not atmosphere, it is beyond atmosphere, sky is where the entire universe rests on, it’s the sky that bears all the galaxies, all the stars and all the planets in it. Our planet, our sun, our atmosphere are all floating in the sky, since in it we are all floating, it starts at the tip of our nose and expands to the unimaginable distances.

So... I’m not asking to bow your head to the sky the next time u see it and start giving it extra attention, NO, just look at it and acknowledge the sheer enormity and immensity of it, and be astounded, be amazed by this magnificent form of creation. If not every day only on the day where u don’t have wake up early the next morning, on that night after your meal take a walk, go on to the terrace, gaze at the stars and look between the stars for the deepest, darkest night sky. Look straight into that darkness and remember, that is where the entire universe is floating on.

P.S. why am I talking about the sky?
Because sky is unworldly, it is like nothing that we know; it is the best thing that lets us know that there is more to the world than what we can see, it introduces to us another dimension of energy, unperceivable by our human senses. If we only believe what we can see and perceive, it will limit our thoughts only to the physical/tangible dimensions of this world. But if we start acknowledging that there is more than what we can see and perceive, it opens up our conscious to a new horizon. And that is what is needed to understand this world and live our lives better.

Rohith Abbaggani _14.10.17