A shower or A bath

a long shower or a hot bath is always good to make u feel fresh and distress u .

flowers, bath, and aesthetic image bath, flowers, and rose image

get comfy

so for this u have to wear smth loose or oversized and lay down on your bed .

rain, bed, and cozy image fashion, winter, and autumn image

Hot drinks

drink smth hot to confort u and make u feel warm like hot chocolat , tea or coffee .

autumn, coffee, and fall image autumn, coffee, and fall image

A good movie

watch a good movie , a tv show or even ur favorite youtuber can make u forget the stress .

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listen to calm good music , it helps
here`s the link to my article about calm songs they are really helpful , check them out .

classic, coca cola, and happy image Image by Death Wish


a book can take u to another universe where everything is good and peaceful , it really helps relaxing

book, candle, and autumn image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image


asmr is a whole new thing that immediatly relaxes u , u only have to write asmr on youtube and watch famous asmrists doing magic .
after watching asmr i always fall asleep so yea i think you`ll do so .

Image by tara tankersley girl, sleep, and blanket image


as i said after watching asmr you`ll feel sleepy so take the chance and sleep .

girl, bed, and cozy image sleep, black, and light image

so that`s it , i hope u guys loved it , don`t forget to check out my article`s collection.

till next time , Take care .