HII!! Welcome on my WHI article! I'm pretty exiting to make this Q&A because tv show is my favorite subject EVER! Si let's started!

p.s: I'm french so I'm si sorry for the faults!
p.s 2: my bff wrote all of those questions, you can also do this Q&A if you want!


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1- What's your ultimate favorite tv show ?

My favorite tv show is The walking dead!

2- What is the first series you've ever watched ?

The first tv show I watched is Pretty Little Liars!

3- If you should watch only 5 series during your whole life, which ones would you chose ?

Without hesitated The walking dead, Fear the walking dead, One three hill, Skins and That 70s show!

4- Who are your 5 favorite female characters ?

My favorite is Maggie Greene from The Walking dead. But I also love Effy Stonem (from Skins), Jackie Burkhart (from T70S), Penny (from TBBT) and Raven Baxter (from That's so Raven).

5- Who are your 5 favorite male characters ?

This question is difficult for me but I love Nick and Troy from Ftwd, Gleen (from Twd💔) and Steven Hyde from T70S!

6- Which old series do you like most ?

I love That 70's show, Freaks and Geeks, One Three Hill and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

7- Which series' place would you like to live in ?

I want to live in Rosewood because it's so a beautiful town. But I think it's a bad idea😂.. I also want to live in Three Hill!

8- Who is your favorite actress ?

Lauren Cohan, my favorite! I think she is so talented and beautiful. I love her!
the walking dead, lauren cohan, and maggie greene image the walking dead and lauren cohan image

9- And your favorite actor ?

I like Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs and Ashton Kutcher, I don't have favorite!

10- Which is the last series you discovered ?

It's The Night Manager, I watch this tv show for school!

11- On which character do you have a crush ?

On every characters! But I really love Lexa from The 100.
lexa, heda, and the 100 image warrior, lexa, and heda image

12- Is there a series that you find underrated ?

Emerald City! I love this tv show.

13- Which character has the best wardrobe ?

Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars!

14- Who is your favorite villain ?

Negan from Twd I think!

15- Which character has the best home ?

I would say all the characters in Better Things and the home of Bojack!

16- In which series would you like to have a role ?

I wanted a rôle in Victorious. I don't know why but I love this tv show.
victorious cast image victoria justice, victorious, and ariana grande image

17- What character has the best evolution ?

Troy and Alicia in Ftwd and Clarke and Murphy in The 100.

18- Is there a character that you can't stand ? Which one ?

I hate Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars!

19- Which series has the best scenes ?

Emerald City!

20- Is there a series that you find overrated ? Which one ?

13rw... I hate this tv show.

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