Do you ever thought, what boys like about me? How can I make a guy that I like, like me? So here's answers to your questions, girls!

😍 1. Dimples .
Lucky you, if you have them. Guys LOVE it. All you need to do to attract boys is smile :))

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(Vanessa and Veronica Merell)

😍 2. Confidence .
The way you talk with him is a big part of guy falling in love for you. A Confident girl guys always respect.

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😍 3. Body curves .
Big hips, big boobs, small waist = curvy body. That's what guys like!

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😍 4. Hair
Big, curvy, straight, wavy, long or whatever your hair is, guys love when you play with it. Move your hair from shoulder to another while flirting - you can trust me, it helps A LOT. :)

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😍 5. Blush
If you blush and look away when he compliments you, well, you’ve just made his day.

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😍 6. Sense of humor
You don't have to be a clown or comedian to have a sense of humor. Just enjoy your life with the little jokes :)

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😍 7. Playing video games
Of course he will like you, if you both like the same things. :)

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😍 8. Glasses
Not all boys like girls with glasses, but most of them find it very sexy, intelligent looking, aaand cute. :)

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(I was interviewing my bigger 19 y.o. brother😏)