Depression makes you feel alone.
Makes you hate yourself.
Causes self-destructive behaviors
Tells you they are coping mechanisms
That will help you.
And sometimes
You get to a point when you're depression
convinces you of things
You don't deserve love
You will have no future
And if the sadness is all you feel
You'll come to believe
You deserve it.
How strange
To feel the misery
And get to a point
Where you know you'll feel it forever
Which must mean you deserve it.

I missed him, I met another
He doesn't want me
So I'm going back to the first
Because he knows me better
Than anyone.
He knows how bad
My depression gets
And maybe my heart didn't make this choice.
Maybe my head did.
To protect me.
And that's ok.
Because if I'm living with this depression
I need someone who can handle it
And be there for me
Not someone
So heavy with their own baggage
That they can't help carry
Any of mine.

This free verse poem thing
Was not planned
But it poured out of me
And I'm glad it's out.