Today I'm gonna give you some examples of what I listen on repeat for days. At the end of this list you'll see I'm -maybe- a bit in love with Ed Sheeran's work, don't blame me for that, I'm weack when it comes to his songs.
Also, I know I'm hella late for the 15 Days writing challenge but actually I'm working on my article about something I find interesting, I just want it to be interesting for you too. Have a great day everyone 🎃🍁🍂

Save Part of yourself -Brandie Carlile ; Bear Creek

Can't Go Home -Good Old War ; Come Back As Rain

Ho Hey -The Lumineers ; The Lumineers

Autumn -The Big Scary ; The Big Four Seasons

Wind Song -Revolver ; Let Go (please listen to it in her home session version if you can because those french guys are really cool and I love their home session)

Into The Wild -Lewis Watson ; The Wilde

Wildfire -Seafret ; Tell Me It's Real [Deluxe Edition] (I'm so mad I couldn't go see them during Amber Run's tour 😫)

Oceans -Seafret, Tell Me It's Real [Deluxe Edition]

Be There -Seafret ; Telle Me It's Real [Deluxe Edition]

There's a Light -Seafret ; Tell Me It's Real [Deluxe Edition]

To The Sea -Seafret and Rosie Carney ; Tell Me It's Real [Deluxe Edition]

Blank You Out -Seafret ; Tell Me It's Real [Deluxe Edition]

Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene -Seafret ; Oceans [EP] BBC Live Version

Skyfall -Adele; Skyfall

This Is The Life -Amy Macdonald ; This Is The Life

Touch The Sky -From "Brave" -Julie Fowlis ; Brave

What's Going On -4 Non Blondes ; The Best of 4 Non Blondes

Castle On The Hill -Ed Sheeran ; Divide

Galway Girl -Ed Sheeran ; Divide

Hearts Don't Break Around Here -Ed Sheeran ; Divide

Nancy Mulligan -Ed Sheeran ; Divide [Deluxe Edition]

Phtograph -Ed Sheeran ; *X*

Little Bird -Ed Sheeran ; + [Deluxe Edition]