Hey!! I'm no expert but I do have a few tips to share on saving money :-) Adulting is tough but hopefully, this article will be somewhat useful! Do drop me a postcard if you enjoyed this article and want more tips / other advice on other things ( you can even request them if you want! ) xx

☆ record your expenses

Doesn't matter if you're recording expenses in your phone, planner, agenda, journal or just a random notebook. This helps you to keep track on what your money is spent on. Just remember to make it a habit to record it down every time you buy something!

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You'll be able to identify your habits and know where most of your money is spent on, allowing you to save money from here onwards.

★ find lifestyle shortcuts

I have two examples for this tip:

  • B U D G E T S

Start with a budget and gradually limit yourself to a smaller and smaller budget. Don't limit yourself too much right from the start because then you'll find yourself struggling to adjust. Start slowly but surely.

  • M E A L P R E P

Go grocery shopping in advance. Make sure you get enough groceries to last you for about a week or two. If you have roommate(s), you can get even more groceries if they are willing to do this with you. Of course, this can apply to families as well.

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Plan out what to cook and set a period of time where you just head to the kitchen to prepare a week or two worth of meals. If you're someone that mostly eat healthy food, you know what to do! Healthy ingredients and meals will surely boost your entire week. If you're not exactly someone that eats healthily on a regular basis but wants to try it, go ahead! Meal prepping will allow you to try eating healthy for a week or two since you're buying healthy food and cooking healthy meals in advance.

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☆ buy what you need, not what you want

Before you go shopping for groceries, always always always sit down and plan out what you need first. If you write a shopping list, there's already a reduced chance that you'll go around putting items in your basket / trolley that you actually don't need.

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The list will serve as a reminder that you only need the items are written on it and everything else that is not on the list isn't important as of now. Buying extra items will obviously be a waste of money.

★ avoid stress spending

If you're just stressed, release the stress emotions so you won’t end up spending money on things that you'll only end up regretting buying afterwards.

To release your stress emotions, do more of what you love. I've mentioned this in my other articles as well. Yoga, gaming, reading, painting - anything. Sure, stress spending helps some people to relax, but there are so many other better options to release your pent-up stress or overwhelming emotions as well.

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☆ cancel memberships / subscriptions on things you no longer use

Go through these things constantly. Think about these three questions everytime you do:

1 Are they worth the price every month?

2 Am I still interested in this particular thing as much as before?

3 Does I still use this particular thing as often as before?

Chances are, you’re too busy to use them anymore. Some interests just change and are eventually forgotten over time. For example, I can unsubscribe from a magazine issue that I no longer have time to sit down and read weekly. However, I decided not to cancel my Spotify subscription because I still use it almost every day.

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★ declutter your space

This helps you to constantly remind yourself what you already have so you won’t buy any more duplicates / similar items the next time you shop.

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If you're always clear of what you have, you won't find yourself contemplating to buy the same type of thing again.

☆ give yourself a ten-second rule

Look at the tempting item. Ask yourself two questions again.

1 Why do you want to buy it?

2 Do you really need it?

If you can’t think of a good reason for both questions within ten seconds, odds are you should really just put that item back on the shelves. Maybe you'll get it in the future if you actually need it then.

★ visual reminders

It can be on your dream board, wall, phone wallpaper / lock screen, agenda, planner, journal, diary, etc.

Reminds yourself your goals, what you really want / need ( “ bigger things “ ) so the “ smaller things “ you “ want “ are not needed. I also mentioned this tip in my other articles.

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It is thus easier to stick to your plan since you're reminding yourself every day, visually.

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