• Assault and Battery.

2 Main key terms to remember:
Released pending next court appearance, they could also apply an condition within their bail such as a curfew or monitoring tags.
-Legal aid:
Funding from the government to pay for legal advice and represent the defendant.

Pre-trial Processes.
Summary Offences - Their Trial:
Before a trial occurs the defendant is asked to plea to whether they are guity or not. If they have pleaded guilty then they will have to proceed to sentencing them to a maximum of 6months (This will happen only in the Magistrates Court, if it is a single offence). However, if the defendant has pleaded not guilty then the trial would proceed.

TEW Offences- Their Trial:
These cases can be heard in either the Magistrates court or Crown Court .
Plea before Venue:
If they pleaded guilty, trial would occur in the Magistrates first. This is unless the Magistrates Court decides to send the case to the Crown Court due to its seriousness. If the defendant pleads not guilty, then it is also up to the Magistrates Court to decided whether to proceed to trial or to pass it to the Crown Court

Mode of Trial
In this situation the defendant has the choice to whether carry the case through the Magistrates or not.

If an Offence is indictable then it can only be tried on the Crown Court. However, all the Criminal cases start in the Magistrates court . The Magistrates court are responsible for hearing preliminary cases and dealing with matters such as bail and legal aid.